Ежегодная конференция в Брюсселе.

ICAK Benelux Seminar
25-26 March 2023
Dr. Olegs Suhorukovs, MD, DIBAK

С докладом и мастер-классом выступит Олег Сухоруков, доктор медицинских наук, дипломант DIBAK, хирург.

Тема доклада:
1. От целой клетки ко всему телу. Все под контролем.
2. Проприоцептивные взаимосвязи структур тела.
3. Проприоцептивные связи структур тела в трех плоскостях.

Olegs Suhorukovs, MD, DIBAK, spine surgeon will be presenting original concepts of understanding proprioceptive interlinks of body structures and the role of proprioception in human health and disease.
During the weekend there will be opportunities to see kinesiology muscle testing demonstrating procedures to test patients for issues relating to proprioception. Students will be encouraged to participate in practical workshops during this seminar.
You will be able to learn useful and reliable techniques for treating various structural dysfunctions, especially for dura mater.

Topics will include:
First day: Introduction. Principles of diagnosis and treatment approach using applied kinesiology methods. General hyper facilitation and general hypo facilitation of muscles as stages of the general adaptation syndrome according to Hans Selye. Laws of adaptation. Proprioceptive interactions of body structures, ligaments interlink interactions. General principles. Theoretical rationale.
Technique according to Dr. Goodheart, features. Neuro-orthopaedic technique according to Dr. Shafer. Map of body proprioceptive, ligaments interlinks. Proprioceptive deep tendon reflex, by Jose Palomar. Diagnostics.
The rule of two points. The rule of three points. Three plane proprioceptive interactions of the dura mater; indications and applications. Demonstration of the technique.
Spine (scarring, herniated discs, etc.) Rules of conduct. Specifics of the technique depending on the localization of the dysfunctions. Practice.

Second day. Cranial-sacral dysfunction. Cranial suture dysfunction. (giardia, cruciate suture, sagittal suture, etc.) Peculiarities of the technique depending on the localization of the dysfunction. Sphenoid-basilar dysfunction. Technique aligning the hypothalamic-pituitary axis. Structure related to the dura mater — interosseous membrane. Demonstration, practice.
Other applications: Three plane proprioceptive interlinks of body structures (bone tissue, peripheral nerves). Demonstration. Practice.

Seminar Fees:
€330 ICAK Members, €395 non-ICAK Members

€250 ICAK Members, €315 non-ICAK Members

Registration : info@icak-benelux.nl

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